Wednesday, 13 March 2019

Defilada | North Korea: The Parade (1989)

Quote: (from imdb) North Korea, late 1980s. The communist authorities hold enormous parades celebrating the 40th anniversary of Democratic People's Republic of Korea and worshipping its leader, Kim Ir Sen. But all this splendor, pomp and incredible lavishness is also to eclipse sports olympics taking part in South Korea. 

Quote: ( The film documents the facade ceremonies of the totalitarianism in a fascinating way. The director approaches it with dispassionate objectivism of indifferent observer. In effect the interpretation is up to the viewers. The film can be perceived as mockery of the system or — just as well — as its propaganda. In Poland it arouse laughter, in the West it was treated as terrifying warning, by Korean authorities in turn the film was praised as truthful depiction of the country. Andrzej Fidyk and his crew were not looking for "the other face" of Korea, instead they only filmed the surface that the authorities had decided to show them. The editing of the material reveals though the absurd of this kind of staged reality, making it all the more thrilling.

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