Sunday, 17 March 2019

CERN (2013) Nikolaus Geyrhalter

Nikolaus Geyrhalter follows the center's infrastructure and meets the people who created the leading location for particle physics research, the "Large Hadron Collider".

Multi-award winning director Nikolaus Geyrhalter (Homo Sapiens, Our Daily Bread, Elsewhere, Abendland) delivers stunning imagery and interesting insight into the largest particle physics laboratory in the world, operated by world-renowned research organization CERN (European Organization for Nuclear Research).

Including interviews with the leading experts who operate and maintain the facility, the film provides a closer look into this complex experimental research institution and the eccentric geniuses behind the scenes.

Featuring some of the world's leading physicists, including: Beniamino Di Girolamo, Tatuso Kawamoto, Yves Schutz, Pauline Gagnon, and Christophe Grojean.

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